Tuesday, July 28, 2015

New nightshirt or comfy dress

quick project--items you will need besides basic sewing items:  knit bra, Large men's knit shirt, 1/4" wide elastic as many inches as the bra is in width around the ribcage.  Cut the shirt at the armpits, basically remove the sleeves and collar.  Run a gathering stitch across the top about 1/4" down. Match the shirt to the bra, wrong side of shirt to right side of bra, matching center front, back and sides.  Ease gathers to fit and Pin.  Attach elastic on top to secure the shirt to the bra.  Zig-zag in place using a large stitch.  Try not to stretch the bra.  This could be done in two steps. I was lazy and stitched one time to attach the shirt to the bra.  Add trim to the bra.  New nightshirt or comfy dress. I spray painted some hot pink onto the golf shirt to add some color using Tulip fabric paints.

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