Sunday, October 22, 2017

published!!published!! woo-woo!!!

Special thanks to the staff at Altered Couture for doing such an excellent job in photography and lay-out/design.  I have 2 garments in this issue, pages 16 and 70. 

to my blog readers

Dear Readers--it has become increasingly more difficult for me to keep up with this blog, as many of you have seen. It is so much easier for me to post on FB or instagram and upload photos from my phone or ipad immediately rather than go through the whole process with this blog.  SO--please join me on FB, where I am known as Ileen Dalke--you will see family posts and various misc posts or join me on instagram which is usually more artistic in entries.  My name on instagram is leenieworld.  I will add to this blog as time and energy permit.

Go make Art!!  so little time, so much to Create!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

art journal

I have been working with art journaling--using paint and ink to journal thoughts and is the one from last night. 

sashiko stitching

this has turned out more difficult than I originally thought it would be--trying to keep stitches straight and even and not crossing over--here are a few of the squares individually and then on a piece of denim.  I am contemplating a large wall hanging--not my usual size. 

working on hand stitching--Boro stitching

this piece is one I started last year while waiting in DR offices.  All things medical turned out well and this piece is ready to mat and frame!! 

big news!!! published in Altered Couture in November 2017

I sent in 3 ideas for future publication and they were all accepted!! woo-woo!!  so now am writing the articles and getting photos of the 3 garments ready.  Look for me in the November issue of Altered Couture