Tuesday, October 14, 2014


This weekend I, along with some artist friends, attended the art quilt show at Visions in San Diego.  How inspiring!  if you haven't gone--I highly recommend the show!  Inspired, I  started natural dying fabrics this week--this is marigolds from the garden.  Will post the avocado dyed fabric in a few days.  This website was very helpful.


Zol said...

ooooh Ileen I love the mottling effect on this one. What size is this piece? Is the process relatively easy? I might have to have an eco-dye play day myself!

ileen said...

Hi there--very easy--chop up the flowers, boil and let sit for awhile,strain. Treat the fabric with water bath of either salt for berries or vinegar for other plants. Put into dye water, heat and let sit. I let the fabric sit for overnight. The fabric is about 6x8. I just did avocados--it turns.....pink!! the web-site listed is very helpful.