Friday, November 2, 2012

$5 Mayan Princess Outfit

Our neighborhood has lots of children and when halloween is on a weeknight it really becomes a street party with parents and kids in costumes out trick or treating.  Our usual tradition is to put on costumes and hand out candy until we run out and then walk the streets with the neighbors enjoying the kids having fun, seeing the decorations, etc.  This year, I saw a Mayan Queen outfit that I loved, however, the $140 price tag, not so much.  SO this is my version--fabric leftovers, royal blue from high school days, an old ivory upholstery chair covering, thrift store red shirt  and a crown made from feathers and fabrics and heavy interfacing, misc. beads and stuff from my sewing and art supplies.  I did buy the gold fabric and stitched the wrap. 

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Kathy said...

Great costume! Your neighborhood tradition sounds so fun. Trick or treating was cancelled in Waterford as most of the town was without power. All has been restored here, we were lucky compared to many.