Monday, September 3, 2012

Needs a might win!!

I am looking for a name or title for my rusted squares/antique button project.  Post or email your ideas.  If I select yours, I will mail you a small rusted square art piece.    and last but not least...... here are some more great ideas on how to rust fabrics from Liz Plummer......


Jodi said...

My first impression of this quilt was a row of doorbells that would invite the visitor to try them all. I imagine being in the middle of a project and not wanting to be disturbed, prompting me to hang a sign, "Please Knock". This is my suggestion for the title.

ileen said...

thank you for the great idea Jodi and thank you for following my blog.

Anonymous said...

So enjoyed visiting with you while in CA.

Maybe by now you have found a title for this piece of art.

This is the word(s) that came to my mind: intrepid or stalwart ( similar in meaning ).

Love your blog page,
Lynda Ragland