Thursday, March 24, 2011

tuesday Spring break

I wanted to work with fabric--I have been wanting to play with making a fabric bowl, so decided with Easter approaching, that would be a good project--a sort of Easter basket/bowl---way fun!! I didn't take photos of the process--I should have.


Kathy Johnson said...

Nice Springy colors! Is this braided or some kind of cording with the fabric wrapped around? The fabric balls are going to look great in there.

ileen said...

Hi Kathy, it is cording used for pillows, supposedly you can use cotton clothesline or drawstring. I found this cord for cheap at yardage town, then you cut 1/2" strips of your fabric and wind around the cord as you sew--you are actually sewing ontop of the cording so your presser foot is up about 1/2 inch. It was so much fun to sew because you can watch the bowl grow as you sew!