Wednesday, October 27, 2010

published and didn't even know it!!

published-and didn't even know it!! p.84 in the new Cloth, Paper, Scissors issue-my winter holiday gift swap--Also in this issue, good friend Kathy Johnson on p. 81(holiday swap) and one of my favorite art teachers, Jane La Fazio (article on fabulous fabric boxes p. 54


Kathy J. said...

Hi Ileen!
I just got my copy of CPS yesterday and was surprised and very excited to see my work on page 81. It was great to see yours as well -I was wondering what you had sent in. The pretty heart pillow from Roben-Marie Smith on page 83 is the gift I received. Congrat's on your 3rd published piece for Belle Armoire too! Kathy

ileen said...

It still is so exciting to see my own work published--wonder if the fun will wear off? Congratulatiosn to you too!!!